Mr. Wu’s spain.

Chinese Mr. Wu 86 years old living in Niagara Falls Canada. After injuring the back seriously, The sprain caused very pain. He personally rejected the painkiller, His wife let him take Arthron 5. 6 capsules daily for 30 days. The pain has disappeared. get back the normal life.  ( 2021 09 29)


A Canadian lawyer:

I am native to Matane, a small city of Gaspesie. I studied law at the University of Sherbrooke. I have been a defense prosecutor of Quebec since 1985.

I am 48 years of age and I participate in multiple sports regularly, such as badminton, cycling, skiing, hockey, hunting, and fishing. Since the year 2000, I’ve suffered from psoriasis arthritis. I’ve found pain in the joints of my hands, wrists, ankles, and feet that came with varying levels of pain at sporadic periods.

In previous years I’ve taken anti-inflammatory drugs such as Vioxx, Celebrex, and Bextra. After the withdrawal of these pharmaceutical and government drug companies, I started using Arthron 5.

The first effect I had from using Arthron 5 was a decrease in the inflammation of my joints. In the beginning, I was skeptical of the efficiency of this natural product, but after just one month of taking this product, I could confirm a slight improvement. This improvement progressed into an elimination of most pain from arthritis. After now that has been 6 months of using the recommended dose of this product, I’ve felt a significant reduction from the pain of arthritis.

After taking Arthron 5 I feel much better. The reduction of the inflammation seemed to stabilize the degeneration of the joint tissue. I recommend Arthron 5 to everyone that suffers from arthritis. I am convinced that they will feel relief from the pain just after a few months of taking the medication.

A Taiwanese customer:

How and what effects of Arthron 5 to me? ( The original Chinese testimonial as below under English translation)

I am Jung Sun Sum, a mid-age Taiwanese immigrant in Vancouver.  I always travel between Taipei and Vancouver for my work. I used Arthron 5. Recently, I found that it can release the pain that I’ve had for years. I feel I should send this letter to website www.arthron5.com to publish and let arthritis other patients know that they can also regain a normal life without pain after the use of Arthron 5. Below is my simple experience.

When I was young, I was very busy in the company and in private life. Burning both sides of the candle. Eventually, I got many health problems as I was always very tired. My first health problem at 30 years old was hyperthyroidism. Secondly, I got Uterine Fibroids. After taking a surgery to cut it off, I believed that everything should’ve been fine. When I went back to work to my many jobs at the same time, not slowing down as I felt the full energy. When I was 45.   The symptom has occurred. My hand was swelling and painful. The hong yung (宏恩) hospital in Taipei found Rheumatoid Arthritis from my blood. I had taken 2 years of prescribed medication from my doctor but the symptoms did not change. Therefore I went to Sum Ging (三军) hospital to checked out once again but the hospital could not confirm the category of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Later I went to Wen Man (荣民) general hospital and saw a famous doctor Lin How Yee (林孝义). After checking the blood, he confirmed that 3 of 5 pathogens belonged to Rheumatoid Arthritis. The doctor asked me to continue coming back. As the severe pain continued in my fingers I eventually lost the ability to move my fingers. I went to Chi Ji (慈济) hospital to get checked out. In the beginning, the hospital was very careful to test my blood, but they did not find anything, therefore they just told me to take painkillers. In that time, Hypothyroidism had come back with serious high blood pressure and Hyperlipidemia problem. Every day I took a lot of medicine. Later I went to Gun Sun (耕莘) hospital which near my home to again get checked out. I was not very concerned about my chronic disease, but the severe pain spread over the large joints in my body that caused me to lose my normal life. By accidental chance, I found Arthron 5. I did not really believe that it could work. If western synthetic medicine cannot help me, how could natural medicine? As I suffered from pain for too long, I said to myself I should try, otherwise, I may not have a normal life forever. After I used Arthron 5 for 5 months. The symptoms improved a lot, I felt I gained a new life. 

I would like to share the result of Arthron 5, it provides a great chance to remove the severe pain of my arthritis and I  wish all arthritis patients living without pain,  to enjoy a normal life.

(This testimonial has been received at 2012 02 23.  This lady was a professor at a university in Taiwan. she is a tenacious lady, under her hard work, success to cultivated 2 doctors son and daughter. later her blood test by 4 hospitals in Taiwan, the result indicated she had AS. but the HLA_B27 has been removed. this information was obtained from her by phone).

The original testimonial is below. if you found the translation is not good enough, please send me the correct one, Thanks  very much.)



我叫張珊珊,一位刚由台湾移民到加拿大中年妇女,今天因工作关系仍经常來回台北与温哥华市。最近因使用加拿大出品的持有牌照关节炎药关节金A R T H R O N  5而缓解了我多年來的关节痛。我觉得我該送上这封信,让A R T H R O N  5网刊登,让众多关节炎患者知道可以用它来缓解疼痛重获无疼痛的正常生活。下面是我的简单经历:




该位女仕曾是一名大学院校教授。一名非常能干的孟母第二培养出二名医生。培养这二名医生期间正是她患上强直性脊椎炎十多年,使用关节金后, 疼痛得到缓解, 经3年使用后,4间医院血检,终于没找到HLA-B27。  (本网加揷词语)

Messages of users:

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1: ( receive 2018. 04 25)    as the personal information, this message does not contain any private information.

To:   Joanne XXXXX  To John Lee

I am connecting you here because I have found the Arthron-5 to be very helpful, and I believe Joanne would be interested to learn more about it.  See more at https://arthron5.com/

John,  please send Joanne a note describing Arthron-5 and how it can address symptoms of arthritis.  Mention its usefulness based on whether arthritis is new or more progressed.

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Enjoy the day now;   it’s sunny and beautiful

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Arthron 5 – provides a great help for AR.

2018 06 16 ( received)

Hi John,

This is a letter for you to use as a testimonial. Please do not post my real name and address.

After my doctor confirmed I have RA. Doctor and many friends care about me and indicated RA is similar to cancer. It cannot remove and it will be very painful and also cause much other health problem later. My son helps me to understand about RA and try to find a better medicine in Google. He found Arthron 5 image in ARTHRITIS CURE MEDICINE. It looks very special natural product.   I should try. He said this Canadian licensed natural product looks made in very high quality. If it can help to recover, It should have very high value in medication.  as my RA on the beginning stage, The suggestion is 6 bottles may Ok to remove it, it just cost about U$400.00.  I ask my son to send a message to confirm how many bottles need. The reply was the same. After I use 6 bottles, The medical test indicates RA has been removed. my doctor surprised at the result.

John, Thanks very much.  Arthron 5 is a really great product. hope all RA ( patients ) in the world know Arthron 5 can help.

A Germany message.
2022 08 12

Dear John,

Below message is reply about my spondylitis.

I am a 51 years old German. I work in a small town as
a manager in a 180 years old famous manufacturing company .

I have had spondylitis since age 20. I have suffered from
the pain since that time. The painkiller was my medicine
at the beginning, later the doctor let me take steroids
to control the pain.
About 2 years ago, my wife brought Arthron 5
from Canada. I checked it out from Canada
The government website I found is a Canadian
licensed natural product. My wife is a chinese.
She insisted that I try. I used the first bottle,
I feel it is working to the pain.
but I still don’t really believe it can help to heal.
The continued use, It looks like work but slowly.
The instructions require very slowly reducing the steroid
at 10% every month. The last time I stopped using it
too fast to cause the pain to come back to cause me to
use ARTHRON 5 longer times to cure.
2 months ago, The blood test for the RA factor.
I found it dropped to 8.6. (under 20, doctor assumes
RA has recovered) My doctor told me the RA
has recovered. but you suggest to use it until dropped
to 0 for a complete heal. Currently, I do not have pain at all. ARTHRON 5 is still in use today.

One more thing I would like to let you know, I found after
I use ARTHRON 5, I do not get cold for It’s been a long time.

I had told RA that a disease can not be treated to heal.
but Arthron 5 can do it and it is a great medicine for RA.
I suggest increasing the advertising to let more patients to use it
Thanks and for your product Arthron 5.

Frank Ratinger.

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