How to treat osteoarthritis to recovery

How to treat osteoarthritis to recovery.

How to treat osteoarthritis to recovery.

How do I know I have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, arthritis or gout?

Arthritis includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout. and can be diagnosed by a blood test. However, you can also be diagnosed by knowing your symptoms, if the pain travels throughout the body symmetrically, it is most likely to be rheumatoid arthritis. If there is pain and swelling on the big toe, it is most likely to be gout. If the pain stays in one place and is constant, it is most likely to be osteoarthritis.

What can a doctor prescribe for my osteoarthritis?

When pain occurs, painkillers are the only medication that can be used. You can buy the pain medicine without a prescription from a pharmacy store. The surgery is the last medical treatment if the bone has been damaged.

Can surgery help me recover completely?

Currently, surgery can help patients reduce the pain and can stop the bone from continuing to deteriorate and from harming other places in the body.

How can a doctor help me with rheumatoid arthritis? 

Currently, doctors do not have any medicine to help to recovery. The medicine can help reduce the pain and keep the symptom under control. Painkillers and cancer medicines are most commonly used.

Do we have any medicine that helps to recovery?

Unfortunately, we do not have any synthetic medicine for doctors to use for recovery.

Is there any other medications that can be used for arthritis? 

Yes, you may able to use some traditional Chinese methods. Such as acupuncture and chinese traditional medicine.

What side effect of this Chinese traditional medicine for human body?

Chinese traditional medicines are formed with natural herbs, animal material or minerals. Under Canadian health food law, Canadian government must provide a license to allow the product to be sold on the market, after it is assessed to be safe and effective. Traditional Chinese medicines without being assessed by the government may lead to unknown side effects, please be cautious of the medicines you take.

Can Arthron 5 prevent bone spurs?

Yes, after Arthron 5 removes the inflammation, the bone spurs will be removed, slowly back to blood, returning to a normal and healthy condition. (Refer to the X-ray copy below of bone spurs)

How many bottles is recommended for osteoarthritis. 

4 bottles is recommended for full recovery, if it is being used before the bone is damaged.

How many bottles is recommended for rheumatoid arthritis?

6 bottles is recommended for those who are in the early/beginning for a full recovery.  For those who have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for a longer period of time, it may be needed to take more Arthron 5. In recent reviews, it has taken some patients also most 2 and a half years to completely recover.


above X-ray showing the right side bone has inflammation. on the top of the left side has bone spurs and inflammation.

above X-ray indicate the left down side has bone spurs, both sides have inflammation.

Between 2 bones, the line looks nice. this patient has pain after walk 1/2 hour. It looks like cartilage has not yet damaged.

Yes, Arthron 5 can treat osteoarthritis recovery before the bone is not yet damaged!

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