Canadian regulation of health products

All natural health products (NHPs) sold in Canada are subject to the Natural Health Products Regulations, which came into force on January 1, 2004.

The Regulations help give Canadians access to a wide range of natural health products that are safe, effective and of high quality.  (About Natural Health Product Regulation in Canada)

Arthron 5,  its safety and effectiveness have been assessed and approved by Health Canada and a Natural Product Number (NPN80006912) was granted to Arthron5.

Medical theories

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapeutic principles, treatment should start with identifying the cause and the nature of the disease, aim to remove the pathogen and improve the holistic health. By activating the qi (energy) flow in the channels and boosting blood circulation, Arthron5 brings effective medicine to the affected parts and coordinates the functions of the body organs to fight inflammation. It helps relieve the pain in the joints and remove the pathogenic wind (stroke) in terms of TCM which is the main cause of arthritis.

Arthron5 focuses on removing the pathogen to relieve the symptoms of arthritis. It is not a painkiller, but a natural medicine to stop the deterioration and heal arthritis if the bones have not yet been damaged. It does not do any harm to the stomach, liver or kidneys as the other painkillers do, instead, it helps remedy some health problems such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, cold hands and feet, irregular period and so on. It is safe for prolonged and regular use without any adverse side effect for health.

Who can use it?

Arthron 5 was designed to be used for arthritis but as this product contains more than one ingredient (as mentioned above). Some ingredients work as ministers, except for removal of pain and inflammation, a lot of the work is indirectly related to Arthritis but provides a lot of good help to remove the pain and inflammation and finally to help recover. For example, some ingredients help to enlarge blood vessels for improving the blood flow. This function will help to reduce high blood pressure. It works the same as synthetic blood pressure medicine. Therefore, Arthron 5 can be used for high blood pressure health problems. After the blood circulation improves in the body, some organs such as ovaries and testis will have more blood and oxygen to activate cell to secrete more hormones. The ingredients indirectly increase the life energy level. Arthron 5 can be used for period pain, sleep disorders, migraines pain, and works for arthritis. It also can be used to have more life energy for sexual drive.

Can be used for diabetes?

The medical target of Arthron 5 is for arthritis, During 25 years of research for Arthron 5, The team already consider the user may have diabetes at the same time. therefore the formula is formed to help diabetes problem. Arthron 5 formula is provided the help for diabetes to stabilize the sugar level. The user should continue to use the medicine for diabetes. if the sugar level dropping, the synthetic medicine for diabetes should be reduced or ask the doctor. Arthron 5 may help to stabilize and improve the symptom, but it may not helpfully recovery as part of the cell may already damage or fibered in the pancreas.

If you use Arthron 5 for diabetes,  Please try to eat less when you do not feel hungry after using Arthron 5. try to use Arthron 5 to reduce your weight to as low as possible. Keep sugar on hand in case you need it. take Arthron 5 before a meal with warm water. 3 times a day.

You will be successful if the body weight goes down to standard.


Can be used with high blood pressure medicine?

If your blood pressure drops to a lower level after using Arthron5 for 5 days,  you should talk to your doctor,  how to reduce the dosage of medicine for your blood pressure or if you should stop.

Can be used for weight loss?

No, Arthron 5 does not affect the digestive system or appetite. Arthron 5 can move your hunger only. You can eat less or stop eating if you want. If you want to reduce weight, eating less can help to reduce the body’s weight.  Arthron 5 needs a much longer time to use.

if you stop eat lunch or dinner, later you may feel little hunger, you can take 3 capsules of Arthron 5 with warm water, and the hunger can disappear. use pure water to replace the sweet soft drink,  do not eat sweet food.
The weight will be under your control to reduce.


Can be used for animals?

Our human body structure is similar to some animals such as horses, dogs, and cats as they can also suffer from arthritis. Arthron 5 can be used for horses, dogs, and cats. A horse can weigh from 400 to 1000 pounds. A dog can weigh from 15 to 100 pounds and cats can weigh from 5 to 50 pounds. Our body average weight is about 150 pounds (except overweight). The dosage for horses and cats must be changed according to their body weight. The human dosage is 9 capsules per day. For every 16 pounds, one capsule should be taken. If a cat weighs 10 pounds, it should be taking half a capsule per day(1/4 gram). If the horse weighs 500 pounds the dosage should be about 31 capsules per day. Please see the user sheet on the packaging

Can be used to prevent Arthritis?

Yes, when the initial symptom of arthritis occurred such as sore joint, Arthron 5 can remove it and prevent to develop to arthritis.

Side effects?

It is rare that an overdose of Arthron 5 can cause diarrhea. If diarrhea does occur,  stop using arthron 5 for one day, after that, reduce the dosage to 3 capsule a day for 5 days or take it with food. the second 5 days take 4 capsules a day, or with food, the 3rd 5 days take 5 capsules.  increase up to 6 capsules a day or with food.  Most users have a light stool and feel light fatigue during the first few days.

What kind of fruits may deteriorate arthritis?

Some fruits may contain kinds of chemicals to deteriorate arthritis. Durian, aloe vera juice, garlic, cherries, cantaloupes, and lilies are several fruits that must be reduced or stopped from eating. Beans, meat, alcohol, mushrooms, and high protein fish should not be eaten if you have Gout.

What is the recommended dosage for arthritis?

3 capsules, 3 times a day before or after a meal with water. If it is hard to swallow, you may pour out the powder inside and mix well with warm water. Please refer the user sheet in the packaging. 

How to use for a sleep disorder?

The sleep is very important for the health. If you are regular  to have sleep disorder, you can use it to force the body to sleep well. Take 4-6 capsules with a 1/2 cup of warm water before going to sleep. if it is not working for you, increase the dosage up to 9 capsules one time.  

How to use for high blood pressure?

3 capsules each time,  3 times daily. when the pressure dropping, ask doctor to reduce the blood medicine.

How to use Arthron 5 for period pain?

6 capsules daily, stop at a period. It may need to use for 2-3 months for recovery.

How to use for cold hands and feet?

3 capsules each time, 2-3 times daily. It may need to use few months. stop at a period, please refer to user sheet.

How to use it for a migraine pain?

3 capsules each time, 3 times daily. It may need to use a few months for recovery or reduce the symptom. Also, can be used at the beginning of the pain.

What is the recommended dosage of fatigue (tiredness) after a hard work?

Take 3-4 capsules when needed. The symptom should disappear within about an hour.

How to use to increase life energy and improve sexual abilities?

Arthron 5 can increase testis and ovarian blood flow, when they have more blood flow, the cells have more energy ( sugar) and oxygen to secret more testosterone and estrogen ( hormone)  to increase life energy and sexual abilities. This hormone also helps arthritis recovery. The dosage is very dependent on the condition of the body. If your body does not reach the abilities then take more capsules. Take 3-9 capsules before sleep can be better. Arthron 5 naturally improve the body own secretion. It is the difference to take synthetic hormone.

Can Arthron 5 be used for a 22 – 25-year female?

Yes, Arthron 5 can help and maintain the blood flow in skin microvascular to have younger skin, but she must take a very low dosage. About 1 capsule a day will be good enough.

Is Arthron 5 can be continued using after arthritis recover?

Yes, We have many clients have used over years to maintain healthily. We do not have any feedback related to a negative side effect.

I gain weight from 150 pounds up to 240 pounds after RA treatment,  do I have to take more capsules as weight high?

Yes, if it does not cause diarrhea, can be increased to over 9 capsules a day for sooner to stop the pain.

Currently, I take synthetic medicine for pain, Can I take both?

The first 7 days, you can take both, then drop to 1/2 for other 7 days. Please refer to the user sheet in packaging. other natural medicine such as ginger, painkiller can be stopped. Arthron 5 is not a painkiller, It is a natural medicine to help recover.

I have used steroids for over 3 years, Can  Arthron 5 replace it to stop the pain?
Steroids can be used for a short period only. in that case, Arthron 5 may need to use higher dosage and take time to replace it. Please contact us or your doctor to discuss.

Can I use Arthron 5 for the prostate health problem? 
Yes, Arthron 5 can help to flow more blood into the testis to increase the cell active, and for more testosterone secretion, when testosterone level increases, The prostates health problem will be solved,  for longer prostate health, Arthron 5 may need to continue for blood flow

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