Sensitivity of nose.

Sensitivity of nose.

The symptom of nose sensitivity is running norse all time long. It causes very  inconveniences working time. Many patients take medicine but not help.


The cause of sensitivity of nose

It is an inflammation of the nose. It can be caused by the air containing dust, a kind of chemical.


How long can be it be recovery?

The flow of mucus is helping to prevent deteriorate the inflammation in the nose. sometimes it may recover in 2 days. some of them may have it month.


What medicine can help?

Antibiotics may be a good medicine. but not for all patients. A great suggestion is to use Arthron 5. Arthron 5 can help to recover in days.


The side effect of Arthron 5.

Arthron 5 has no side effect to this inflammation on nose under 4 capsules a day.


How many days will be back to run the nose again.

After stop running my nose, it will not come back for years.


who I should contact to have more information about Arthron 5.