FAQ for Arthron 5

The final products for arthritis. 


Q: What would be different if I had used steroids or biomedicine? 

A: As for steroids or biomedicine side effects , there is a difference between never using them. If you use Arthron 5  before you use steroids or biomedicine, the effect and recovery can be much sooner.
Q: What is different in effect when the patient uses it at the beginning and after it is deteriorate ?
A: It is a lot different. If you use it at the beginning, It may recover after using 6 bottles. After deteriorate
may need much more, depending on the symptom. If they use steroids, patients may need to use a lot more time to recover.


How Arthron 5 can heal arthritis?

Q: Is Arthron 5 work to stop pain only? How long the pain will be backed?

A: No, Arthron 5 is not a pain killer only. Arthron 5 is a natural medicine to help to recover if used it before the bone damaged. It is a unique product made in Canada for arthritis.  It can stop to deteriorate to prevent surgery.

How Arthron 5 can heal arthritis?

Q: I have rheumatoid arthritis years,  is it possible can help?

A: Yes! Arthron 5 has been sold in the market years. Currently, It is continuing to sell worldwide to help patients for recover. It helps thousands of people to have back a normal life.

How to cure rheumatoid arthritis?

Q1, I have been a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis in the beginning stage.  It is a terrible disease. How I can use Arthron 5 to kill it?

A1, Yes, currently, you can use Arthron 5 to kill it.  You may need 6-10 bottles for recovery.

How to cure rheumatoid arthritis?

Q2: I have rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years.  The pain never goes away. The pain killing me. Can I use Arthron 5 to stop the pain?

A2: Yes, you may need to use Arthron 5 for a longer time to remove the factor. Arthron 5 will remove the pain and finally help to recover. Please use it until doctor can not find it in blood testing.

How to cure rheumatoid arthritis?

Q4,  I have eczema. It spreads both sides of my body. can I use Arthron 5?

A4,  You may have rheumatoid arthritis at the beginning stage. The symptom looks like same as rheumatoid arthritis. You can try to use Arthron 5 to remove it.  You may need 10 bottles.

Q5: I have rheumatoid arthritis 2 years, I am living in Vietnam. The pain killing me every day. the doctor provides steroid to reduce the pain for 6 months. The pain occurs every joint. How I can use Arthron 5 for my problem?


A5: Yes, Arthron 5 can helps you. as medicine steroid has been used so long. You may need to use high dosage Arthron 5 to replace steroid before having a full recovery. please contact us for special treatment. Steroid can not kill the rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces the bone density after use it long time. Please contact us how to use Arthron 5 in case the steroid has been used.

How osteoarthritis can be cured? 

Q4: I am 80 years old man, The diagnosis founds spur in the joint to cause pain. Can I use Arthron 5 to remove the spur and recovery?

A4: Yes. The joint has inflammation to cause spur. Arthron 5 will remove the inflammation and the spur. If the bone is not damaged. you may need about 4-6 bottles.

How to remove a spur in joint? 

Q5.  X-ray indicates a bone spur in my knee to cause the pain. Can I use Arthron 5 to remove it?

A5. Yes, Arthron 5 can remove the spur in joint. in this case, you may need 4-6 bottles for finally recovery.

How to remove a spur in joint?

Q6: Is spur cause joint pain and swelling?

A6: yes. The inflammation caused the swelling, spur and joint pain. Arthron 5 will remove the inflammation and spur. after that the joint will recovery.