Medical cases

Medical cases


Spondylosis case, ( 2020 09 17)

spondylosis is the hardest one to recover in RA. A patient of spondylosis in NJ USA has used Arthron 5 for 9 months today ( 2020 09 17 ) The pain has occured at night and day before, today the pain disappeared at night, and the little pain occurs when standing up at work.

When the pain disappears completely. We will report here. As for privacy, We can not provide this patient’s name and address.


Psoriasis case ( 2020 10 14)

A Chinese girl at age 28 in South  China Guangzhou.  She has Psoriasis for 8 years, and has used pain medicine only,  4 years ago, the first blood testing reported the RA factor is 128 .  After she has used Arthron 5 a month ( used 2 bottles). the second blood test report indicates the factor is 108.

The feeling has been improved to have more energy and less pain.

We will continue to report this case later.( 2020 10 14)


2020 六月份This is the blood testing report it indicated the RA factor is 128.2 at Feb 2020. 


The blood test report indicated the RA factor is 108 after she take Arthron 5 about 30 days. (2020 10 15)


We received massage from her, the pain is disappeared, but some places have rash in small area on hand and foot. ( 2020 November 09)