C$125/bottle plus applicable tax.

 Arthron 5 helps to recover.  The value of medication is not as a painkiller. 

2022 promotion price: C$80.00/bottle including applicable tax   ( This price may be changed without any notice )

Price and other charges:

C$80.00 / no tax for Canadian buyer, no shipping charge.

C$80.00/bottle  + shipping for international buyer

Arthron 5 can be purchased from the below stores or contact us for an online service at info@arthron 5.com

Online :

International buyer please use  Paypal,

Canadian buyers can use e-transfer ( info@arthron5.com) or direct deposit to LR Laboratories Ltd bank account. Please contact T: 289 228 2888, Please provide the phone number with the receiver’s address before sending payment.

Shipping time:

Arthron 5 will be shipped after we received the payment. It will arrive about 2 days in Ontario and Quebec. 5 business days in Vancouver and US.  7 days for the rest of the world.


Please send the symptom of arthritis to us for a suggestion of how many bottles should be ordered for recovery. The osteoarthritis or sprain need about 6 bottles to recover. The rheumatoid arthritis need more than 12 bottles depend the case.

Payment method:

Canadian purchaser can pay directly to our company account or E-transfer to info@arthron5.com.

The US and the international purchaser can use Paypal system to send to info@arthron5.com. 


Toronto On:
Fresh Land Supermarket
31 Tap Scott Road Scarborough
T:647 618 7759

Niagara Falls Ontario:
Huapin Market
7000 Mcleod oad Unit 7B
T: 905 351 2922
Toronto North York

Hoa Da Natural Herb

1369 Wilson Avenue

T: 647 588 0430 (English, Vietnamese)


7000 Mcleod Road, Niagara Falls.      

T: 289 228 2888 ( English, Chinese)                                                                                                                                       

Return policy:

For security and safety, we are not accept refund.

We analyze your health condition to improve holistic health. The charge is C$100.00 per year. Please contact us for more information.