Purchase –  price:

C$125/bottle plus applicable tax.

The target of  Arthron 5 helps patients to recover.  The value of medication is not a painkiller. Where can have the same effect as Arthron 5? 

2019 promotion price: C$65.50/bottle plus applicable tax   ( This price may be changed without any notice )

purchase  –  Price:

C$65.50 / Bottle  + 13% Tax (HST) for Canadian buyer,

C$65.5/bottle + shipping + Paypal fee for US buyer.

C$65.50/bottle  +  plus shipping +  PayPal charge for international buyer ,

Arthron 5 can be purchased from the below stores. or contact us for online service. or contact info@arthron 5.com

Shipping Charge:  

The international shipping charge is very different from place to place.  Please send us the postcode of the receiver to find out the charge. also, the shipping cost of 2 bottles and 4 bottles is similar. for a sample, 4 bottles ship to Taiwan can be C$10.00. more than 2 bottles,  if you need 4 bottles for OA. please order 4 bottles one time for saving. 12 bottles for one-time shipment can save a lot more.

Purchase  – online :

International buyer can use  Paypal, (the best system to protect purchaser).

Canadian buyer can use e-transfer ( info@arthron5.com) or direct deposit to LR Laboratories Ltd bank account. Please contact T: 289 228 2888, Please send the receiver address before sending payment.

Purchase – shipping time:

Arthron 5 will be shipped after we received the payment. It will arrive within 1-2 days in Ontario and Quebec. 4-5 business days in Vancouver and US.  7 days in rest places in the world.

Purchase – shipping cost

The shipping cost is very different between 1 and 12 bottles. It may about US$10.00. also, it can be very different between countries, such as Malta and Hong Kong. Please send a request to us.

Purchase – question:

Please send the symptom of arthritis to us for a suggestion of how many bottles should be ordered for recovery.

Purchase – payment method:

Canadian purchaser can pay directly to our company account or E-transfer to info@arthron5.com.

The US and the international purchaser can use Paypal system to send to info@arthron5.com. 

The receiver and address can send to us or download to the Paypal system.

Purchase – Store:

QC Canada


Herbes De Chine Van show ( French available)

1027 Rue Clark

T: 514 874 0335 ( French, English, Chinese)

BC Canada


Chinese Herbal Enterprises (Cantonese available)

236 Hasting St. E.

Vancouver. B.C.

T: 604 682 1113 ( English, Chinese)

Ontario Canada

Toronto Downtown

Kyu Shon Hong. ( Chinese available)

439 Dundas St. W.

416 595 1331 ( English, Chinese)

Toronto North York

Hoa Da Natural Herb ( Vietnamese available)

1369 Wilson Avenue

T: 647 588 0430 (English, Vietnamese)

St. Catharines On. Canada.

Prohealth Osteopathy & Wellness.

8 Hiscott St. St. Catharines

T: 289 990 6972 ( English )

Elmira Remedy’sRX

75 Arthur St. S

Elmira Ontario

N3B 2M8

T: 519 669 5655

Niagara Falls Ontario 

Remedy’s Rx

7000 Mcleod Road Unit 1. Niagara Falls On L2G 7K3

T: 289 296 0858 ( English, India)

Purchase – online

Niagara Falls Ontario Canada.                                                                 

7000 Mcleod Road, Niagara Falls.      

T: 289 228 2888 ( English, Chinese)                                                                                                                                       

Purchase – Return policy:

Arthron 5 guarantees the effectiveness. If you are not satisfied with the result, please contact us for a refund. The return policy is available for any online purchase in Canada and US only. The product must be returned within 15 days after arrival. The refund will be limited one bottle only. 

We analyze your health condition to improve holistic health. The charge is C$100.00 per year. Please contact us for more information.