Arthritis Cure Medicine

Arthritis Cure Medicine

a natural medicine helps to cure arthritis



Arthritis includes osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Each is different from the other. But they have joint pain in their joints.


What is the difference between these 3 kinds of arthritis?

The pain of rheumatoid arthritis can be moved from place to place, the pain is symmetry. And the pain is an attack type. The pain of osteoarthritis stays in one place. It can be deteriorated to unable to use the joint. The pain of gout always happens on the toe but it can happen to other places too.

Can arthritis be recovered?

Currently, we do not have west medicine that can help them recover. The surgery is the last medication for osteoarthritis. The biomedicine and steroid, Methotrexa, chloroquine is a medicine popularly used for control rheumatoid arthritis, colchicine, purinol is used for gout.

What cause this arthritis?

Currently, Sciences and doctors are continuing looking for the patogen. But most doctors believe the immunity loses the balance. Some doctors believe the stress may be the one too.

What also can be caused by immunity?

Asthma, hyperthyroidism  hypothyroidism ekcemare related to immunity problems.

Does food cause this health problem?

Some food really needs to stop being used. Such as charry, peach. Durian cesen may cause problems.

Do we have alternative medicine to help us recover?

Yes, this website introduces natural medicine for help to recover. This product’s name is ARTHRON 5.

Can food help arthritis?

Yes, the food may help reduce the symptom or recover. For a sample which can help you to understand food types of medicine. Little sugar may help diabetes from a low sugar case before death.

What is ARTHRON 5?

Arthron 5 is a Canadian licensed natural product. It is made under the license of the product and manufacturer. It provides pure natural ingredients without synthetic chemicals for use to help arthritis recover. Further information about Arthron 5. Please refer to ARTHRON 5.